Great Victory For Egyptians Beside Ethiopian Runners


                                                               By God Help History Wrote Again By New   Egyptian Victory , When Egyptian Runners Can untied With Each others and Win By Great Egyptian Run 2017 , And Ethiopia Can not  came From First Fifth male Runners For First Time in Egyptian Races History  , Thanks Egyptian Runners For your Hard Work And Determination To make The New Egyptian Victory And back The smile Again For Egyptian nation , Thanks For all amateur Runners Which came To Run Beside The best Runners in Egypt , About amateur Runners Egypt nation  win male amateur race & South African Nation  Win The Female Amateur Raceby Experience Runner  Marianne Bouwmen .  By God.s Blessing *

Break news / Great Freedom Run 2018 , official Registration now open on / Worldmarathons.com / , We Advice you To visit That Direct link For Easy Registration ]


Thanks For all participants , God Bless You All . Full Results Coming Soon                  

Great Egyptian Run 2017  Race Day Will Be in 30 of Nov 2017                                                                

Very important For All Runners /  Great Egyptian Run 2017 , our Best 10 km Run /  We Will Change Race Date From 20 of oct 2017 To New Date  30 of Nov To Gurantee Good preparation From Egyptians Runners To The Great Run Also We Need Time To make Great  Success in organizing And Race media Also To Have Good ChanceTo Run in Cool Claim and  modify more prizes For The Great Race Winners , By God,s Blessing / For any questions please Send To us on that mail / bestegyrunners@gmail.com


Great Freedom Run 2017 , Race  our Gift in World Day of peace 

Great Freedom Run 2017 , official Video , our Gift in World Day of peace For All

 The Great Pharaohs Runners / Give Best Gift we Can Give For any one in World Day OF peace That Gift / The Great Freedom Run 2017 official Race Video Which We Direct it after Race To Send Massage For All World That By United Between All Nations And Loving Each others We Can Publish Peace around World And Can leave Better life With Happiness Also We Send other massage say That Egypt & Ethiopia Hope For New Good Future From Good Relation Ships Between Two Nations For Better Days For our Kids To Can leave in Their Countries With Proud And pride With Real Faith By The Value of African United , Which We Hope And Aim And Try By Sportive Way To Make it Real With other Great Companies And Great Official organizations To make it Real like we said Before , We Hope From God To Make Massage Easy To understand During Watching That Great official Race Video  Have A Nice Time During Watching By God Help

You Can Watch The Main Race Video on The main Video on our Site By God Help  .


By God,s Blessing Great Egyptian Run official Registration Began
By God,s Blessing Great Egyptian Run official Registration Began , Race Will Began on Fri 20 of oct 2017 , 8 am ,  in Cairo , Race Will Be Free Without Registration Fee For All Good Runners Around World , Which Can Make The Normal qualifying standards for the Great Egyptian Run 2017 ,  We Will Run Best 10 km
Which Can any Human Run in Egypt ,  By God Help 
For More information About Registration and qualifying standards please Visit That link  //     http://egyrunners.com/eng/

Egyptian 800 M Olympic Runner Go To london After Great Race
Break News Egyptian 800 M , Champion / Hamada Mohmed Qualify To World Athletics Champion Ship 2017 , in London
After Great performance in Barcelona int Athletics Meeting
With Good Time 1m . 45 S . 26 , Very Big Congratulations Form The Great pharaohs Runners , All of Them To Watch Race Video please watch  main video

Break News / Half Marathon History  Wrote Again

Break News / Half Marathon History  Wrote Again By Amazing  New World Record   Made By Real Female  Kenyan Talent / MRS / Joyceline Jepkosgei

Which make A new History For Womens Half marathon , When She finish The Sportisimo Prague int Half Marathon 2017 , under 65 minute To Became First Women in History Run 21k .97.5 m  , under 65 Minute

To make impossible possible By Gods Blessing and Real Faith By God and Her Self With Real Running Work For  inspiration  and motivation For World Running movement , in The End All Great Pharaohs Runners , Send Their congratulations To Her And All  Kenyan Nation And All Running Big Family Around World  , God Bless You mam  , Now You Can Watch The Great Performance on The main Video Which appear in The Heart of Website automaticaly , Have Anice Time ***


History Was Made in italy With unbelievable performance in

The Breaking-2 attempt is over, and Eliud Kipchoge came mighty, mighty close.  In an unbelievable performance, he missed the barrier by 25 s , But He Run With His Heart For New Generations To Tell All Runners That impossible Became possible , By Hard Work And Determination and Faith By God and Yourself

Best Congratulations From The Great Pharaohs Runners around all Egypt For His Real  Fantastic Performance God Bless You man  and Bless All Great athletes Which Help You in This Great Marathon Best Race For Sports History

For More info About That Great Attempet Watch The video Which open From itself To See The Running History When it made By God,s Blessing , Also For More Reading About The unique performance please visit That link / http://sportsscientists.com/2017/05/eliud-kipchoge-20025/.

God Bless You All Dear East African and All Runner across The World



Great 3 New National Records in Egyptian Athletics ChampionShip

By God Help  Great 3 New National Records in Long  Distance Races  in National Athletics  Championship in Egypt , Which Held Between 15 - 17 of March  

 - Break News Great  Three National  performances From Egyptians  int Champions
Began By MR / Salem Mohamed , in 5000 m , Final in National Championship
With New NR in 5000m Race on Track , 13 m . 58 S , after more Than 40 years Egyptians Break The 5000 m National Record Which Did it From Egyptian Hero / Abd alhamid Kamis , in old Russia , 1971
Our Congratulations For The New Egyptian 5000 m , Record Holder
MR / Salem Mohamed , ٌ God Bless You Man , and All Heros in That Day 

and in scenod Day in Egyptian Athletics Champion ship / Great Performance /  in 10000 m , Race By Egyptian int Elite Runner mr / Mohram Mohmed Which Broke The Current 10000 m  , National Record By 9 seconed and Win The Gold BY New Egyptian National Record Time ( 29 M , 20 S ) , and Great Pharaohs Runners Congratulate Him For That int Performance  , in same Race silver Came To Egyptian Great Freedom Run - 2016 - Hero MR / Ahmed Nawri , With New pb ( 31 M , 3 S )

and Bronze Get By  Youth Egyptian  Hero / Mostafa Abd alaziz , He  End Race in Good Time  ( 31 m .3 S 


 * About 3000 M Steeplechase in last day in National Championship / Very Good Performance made By  Talented  Runner / Salem Mohmed , Which make Almost Amricale by Broke Two National Records one in first day in 5000m Race , and seconed in Last Day in 3000 M Steeplechase Race By Make int Performance And Win The Race By New National Record ( 8 M , 44 S ) , After Very Fast Race With Egyptian Elite Runner / MR / Salama  Mohamed , Which Win The Silver By Very Good Time ( 8 M . 46 S ) , Beside Good Perfomance From MR / Mohamed Gamal 

Which Win The Bronze By Also Good Time / 9 M . 20 S ,  Also we Must mention The New National Performance in 20 km Walk Race with New National record Also We must Send our Congratulations For new National Record in Trible jump By God help ,  in The End Real Best  Congratulations From The Great Pharaohs Runners For That,s  Wonderful  Long  Distances Races Perforances  which Made Between 15 of March until 17 of March By God Bless You All Dear Runners and God Help All of You Dear National Runners  For New Future For Egyptian Athletics our Aim 2020 , Olympics By God Help  *


Great Freedom Run 2017 , on  21 of April and Registration Open

Great Freedom Run 2017 , Date Change To 21 of April ,   and Registration Has Began You Can Register Now Direct on Best Registration Running System in Egypt To Run Best 21 km Run , and Best 7 km Fun Run , By God Bless on That Direct Link /  http://egyrunners.com/en

Welcome To Egypt Dear Good Runners Around World God Bless You All 

Break News / Kenyan Heros , Will Compete in Great Freedom Run , on 21 OF April

BREAK News  / Earlier Particpation For The Best Runners ,Pro Kenyan Runners

INT Elite Kenyan Runners / Japheth Kiptanui , Officialy Announce His Participation

IN The Great Freedom Run 2017 , For Make A New Kenyan Sports Glory in Egypt Land of Great Pharaohs Runners , By Helping of God , That Great Athlete Win Before By Great Races like Pocono marathon, with Very Good Time in Land of Running races United States of America , So Can The Kenyan Lion MR / Japheth Kiptanui , Make Great Surprice in the Great Egyptian Race ( The Great Freedom Run 2017 , on 21 of April ) , By God Bless ,  with New Personal Best , only less Than 42 days For The Day of Running Talent , ( OFFicial Registration Will Began From 11 of March Until 10 OF April ) on That Web site EGYRUNNERS.COM

Keep in Touch For Great News About The race and our New Friend Kenyan Elite Runner / MR / Japheth Kip Tanui , See You Soon Dear Friends , in Land of Wonder


IN The End Thank You God For Your Value Gifts , God bless You All Dear Runners 

Translation For The Break important News By Arabic Language , By God Bless

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته / أهم الأنباء , بفضل الله عزوجل , ونظراً لسمعة بطولات العدائين الفراعنة الكبار

علي الصعيد الدولي , فقد قرر البطل الكيني الدولي الكبير / جوزيه كيبتانوي  / بطل ماراثون بوانكو الدولي بعام 2016 , بالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية .

الدفاع عن الراية الوطنية الكينية / بنصف ماراثون الحرية الدولي الثاني لعام 2017 , بالسابع عشر من مارس القادم .

وأبطال مصر أن شاء الله , بكامل أستعدادهم للتباري مع الآسد الكيني / جوزيه كيبتانوي , الذي سيسعي نحو إنتزاع اللقب الغالي من أنياب الأسود المصرية - علي سبيل المجاز - خاصة من أنياب الأسد المصري /   أحمد نوري شمروخ , لأعب منتخب مصر والنادي الأهلي , وحامل لقب السباق العام الماضى , والذى تمكن بنهاية عام 2016 , من الفوز بالبطولة الوطنية لسباق النصف ماراثون بالقاهرة , بالتوفيق للبطل الضيف العزيز , وبالتوفيق لأبطال مصر ولكافة الأبطال المشاركين بالسباق الوطنى الذى يهدف إرسال رسالة سلام للعالم أجمع , وأن شاء الله التسجيل الرسمي للحدث الكبير سيبدْ اعتبارا من 11 فبراير وحتى 10مارس القادم , بأذنك يارب , علي هذا الموقع EGYRUNNERS.COM

للمزيد من التفاصيل الأساسية عن السباق المرتقب أن شاء الله  عز وجل زوروا الرابط التالي / http://egyrunners.com/main/content/213

* وأنتظروا مفاجئه  أخري عن البطل الكيني قريباً أن شاء الله , وبعون الله ربنا يسهل وتتوالى الأخبار التنظيمية الطيبة  

علي صعيد تأكيد منافسة نجوم منتخب مصر لألعاب القوي , بالحدث الكبير للدفاع عن الرابة الوطنية أن شاء الله تعالي .

للتواصل مع البطل الكيني /  لأهداف دعائية أو لمنافسته بسباقات أخري دولية بمصر نرجو مخاطبتنا علي قسم أتصل بنا

Great Run For Egyptian National Team in Great Spark int Run 2017 in Kuwait

Hamada Mohmed our olympic Runner  Make Wonderful victory in 5 km race , and Egyptian Long Distance elite Runner / ahmed saber m Take 4 th place in the marathon , The main Race , Between The Best Kenya , Ethiopia , moroccoo and kuiwat national Team Which Also Run Today sat 14 of jan 2017 ,An a Great Race

For more information about race and all main results visit the official website for Spark Club int matathon marathon on that link Dear Runners / http://www.sparkmarathon.com/

Great Congratulations Form Great Pharaohs Runners For all  Runners , God Bless Yoy all , Dear Runners and Spark Marathon Organizers

For our Next Race m Great Freedom Run 2017 , on 17 of March , Official Registration will Began on 11 of Feb 2017 , For More info Please   visit That  Link Dear Runners (    http://marathons.ahotu.com/event/great-freedom-run-fastest-half-marathon-in-arab-area-by-god-help )   .

The Great egyptian Run 2016 , Official Race Video Watch it Now*

The Great Pharaohs Runners Give All Arab and All  AFrican Runners and All Runners Around World The Great Egyptian Run 2016 , Official Full Race Video

Which Send AWorld Wide Massage That,s African Nation are united Nation and all African countries Hope Good Future For all Africa , Also Send important massage say that Ethiopians and Egyptians are Brothers and All of us Want Good Future For Both Countries , That massage Rise By The FriendShip Between Two Nations , and Real Love Between us , and Faith BY God , And  Work

Now You Can See / Ethiopian Elite Runner / Ziyad Abiti Defo , Run With Hope For Good Future For Ethiopia and Egypt , in The Great Egyptian Run 2016 , That Race Organizers and all Egyptians say For All Ethiopians and all World  Welcome To Egypt , Land of Friend ship , and Victory and Peace By God help , Now See The Official Race Video on The main Video in That WebSite our Gift For all World


Very Fast Time ,With Best participation From Ethiopian Elite Runner / Ztyad Abiti

and Arab  Elite Runner / From Bahrain / Mubarak AL Hamad , With Good Elite Field From The Egyptian National Team in long Distance Running , About Race The Running From First Km , Came Fast With Fast Run even on uphills , ETH  Elite Runner , Try to take The lead from Egyptian Nationl Team , But They Not  let him do that easy , They  TRY  Hard To Can make Egyptian Golden Victory , IN The Great Egyptian run 2016 * 

 But Ziyad  Abiti  Defo , is Aggod Runner like All Ethiopian Runners , Want To make Victory For His Country Try To Change Race Pace  , That make it The Race Hard on Bahrain   Elite Runner , Moubarak EL Hamad , But Egyptian Runners

To keep with him but Defo , After 6 Km , Take The lead From Egyptian Elite Runners , To make the First Ethiopian Victory in Great Pharaohs Runners Races History , and Best Victory For ETH , in the Great  Egyptian Run 2016 , We Hope

Next Year Egyptians Try To Make A New Victory For Egyptians Next Year By Go help

 The Best male Runners Results /

1 Place - Ziyad Abiti Defo , ETH /   30m , 59 s , 30 , New Course Record

2 place / Mohmed Rabia El hosiney / EGY /  32 , 00  m  , New National Race Course  Record

3 - place - Mohmed Gamal Yahiya  / EGY /  33 m , 5 s , 20

4- Place - Maher Salah eldin Abo dif  / EGY  33 m , 5 s , 33

5 - Place / Ahmed Nory Chmrog /  EGY / 33 m , 5 , 35

6- place / Mubarak Alhamad ,  33 m , 19 S , 23     From Bahrain

7- Ali Said Alaa , EGY 34 , 53

8 - Mahmoud Mahmed , EGY 35 m , 11 s

Now You Can see Short Video During Race Very Good and Fast

on The Main Video For this website  and Do Not Forget Next Challange The Great Victory Run 2016 , By God help , For More info Visit That link /


IN The End  , God  Help You All , our Dear Runners *

The Legend Mohmed Ali Rest in PeaceThe Best Olympic Hero in History leave our World With Great Peace , After Busy Work For Sport , Peace and Friendship Around World , God Bless Your soul Mr / Mohamed Ali , And We Hope To learn From Your Life Meaning of How to Be Helpful for All mankind by Love and Hope Rest in Peace Mohmed Ali Klay And Go To Heaven By God  Bless

 By God Help Great Run in Great Freedom Run 2016

By God Blessing / Great Run IN Great Freedom Run 2016 , and Egyptian Elite Runners Take The Lead By Best Performance From The East African Runners and sudanies Elite Runners in male race , and South African Female Runner / Marianne Bouwmen , Take The Gold For Her Country South Africa by God Help Now You Can See The Official race Video For Great Freedom Run 2016 , By God Bless , With Wonderful Music and Sports Director By God Help ,We Hope  Good Time During Watching   For All Runners , Race Video on The Main Video on our Web site , See from Start To Finish  

Great Success For New Three Heros In  The Great Victory Run

New Champions in Great Pharaohs Runners Race History , and Good Run From South African Female Runner / Marianne Bouwman , in The Great Victory  Run for amateur runners , and pro youth runners,  The Official Race Video you can See on That Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ufCiP3gtDE

By God Help The Great Victory Run for amateur runners and pro youth runners will be on 4 th of march 2016 , Now you Can Register for free  ticket on that link  Below on our web site only 250 free places on that Race More info in next week  - that news publish in 18 Feb 2016 -  http://gp-runners.com/en/contact


Great Success For Egyptians in Zayed Charity run 


By God help The Egyptians Make     awonderful

Victory in The Great Zayed Run 2015 , on cairo Egypt , with wonderful Elite running field from kenya , Ethiopia , Sudan , Algeria , Egypt , United Arab  Emirates, To See The Race Video which Created By The Great Pharaohs Runners Main Founders See The main Video on our web site , or Click on  that link direct  Below


Wonderful Gift For all Runners in The Second Anniversary For The Great Pharaohs Runners

sports nutrition  article / Gift For all Runners in The Second Anniversary For The Great Pharaohs runners website creation, you Con Read it on the Link Below To Get it easy 


Have anice Time by God Help During , During Read How To Eat Like an Elite Runner , Also See The New video on The Main Video  




Good Race done by Good Hero in The  Great Run

                                                    *By God,s Help *

Best Elite Runners in Egypt ,   Run For Victory in Great Victory Run 2015 , and Egyptian Hero /  Mostafa shaghmim , Arabin Champion  , in 10000 m , in 2010 , 2012 , and Bronze Medal Winer in 2014  ,  in the Arab championships For youth , in That years we wrote , in the same Distance , Make Wonderful performance , After ,  resting  for along Time , Because seriuos accident , But By God Help , The Dream By Victory Back Again , To Know What Happen in The Great Run , See The official video on the main video,  in the right side on our website  , Have Anice Time By God Help   

Egyptians Run For Their new Canal ( Suez Canal )  , in Great Egyptian Run 2015

Best Run in Great Egyptian Run 2015 , With Best Runners in Egypt , Sudan and Somalia , All of Runners Run By Their Hearts For Egypt and New Egyptian Canal Which Best Gift from Egyptians To  All Humanity Around World   .

Now You Can Watch Full race video on the main video on ou website , Good time by God Help *


 By God Help The Egyptians , Arab and Foreign Running Champions , Will Running For Peace and Friendship in Great Egyptian Run 2015 , Which Will Be Held on  Fri 31th of July 2015

That Wonderful Run will be ( 10 Km Distance ) ,  Road Race And All important information Will Be Publish in Next Days and Weeks

 That Race  Without Registration Fee , But You Need To Atchive The Qualifying Time First in Any Race Before our Race Day , By Year at most , There is Two categories , Professional Runners Male and Female , and amateur Runners also  , Male and Female , More than 18 years old , The time we Need To Run in our race For Pro Runners ( Male 37m , 27 s ) , ( Female 41m ,  33 s ) in 10 km run , And Time We Need For amateur ( Male 40m , 52 s ) , ( Female 45m , 20 s ) also in 10 km Run , For More Information Visit our ( Great Pharaohs Races Section) , In the English Domain , Which refer To it By United Kingdom Flag Above in our web site ,  In The End God Bless You  

Today By God Help You Can See Great Egyptian Run 2015 , Promotion Video ,  on The Main Video on ou Web site on  The Right of The Viewer , Have A Nice Time  By God Help  

*    New Egyptian National Record After 44 Years IN 10000 M    *

The History Write HimSelf Again , After Wonderful Running

 Performance.   By MR / Mohrem Mohmed , The Best 10km Runner Ever  in Egypt , Becuase He  Try Bravely To Broke The Egyptian National Record , Which Have not Broken Since 12th of  September  1971 , That in Army Championship , and By God Help , He Succeed Because he Born To Run , And Broke The  Previous Egyptian Record By Six Second  and win Gold  By New Time ( 29m - 28 S  /  on 30th of April 2015 , Our  Congratulations For Him and His Family , And All Sports Field , In The End God Bless You and All FaithFull Runners a/round World , Bay Bay and yahooo .

 Please Watch Our Gift For All  Runners , Which Areal Good Video For our Elite Runner / Mohrm Mohmed , and other  Good Runners .  on The Main Video in our Website  on the Right  , In The End of our Speech God Bless You All .


The German Runner / Christina Schatz Gift in Mother,sDay                 

By Name of God / The Germans ,   IN New Age of Friendship  With Egyptians ,  in Egypt The Future , We Can See it Clear , in Wonderful Gift From German Marathon Runner / Miss / Christina Schatz , Which Give  us Her First Article in Marathon Running , For All Runners , Especially in Mother,s Day Festival , That  Magnificent Gift You Can Read it , in our English Website By Clicking on Great  Britain Flag Above After That Go To Articles Section , and you will Read it in Branch Called ( The Long Distance Running Value, Read it , and Also see  the Video in the same branch we Create it Especially For Mother,s Day , Have anice Time in Both By God Help , In The End , God Save Egypt The Future.


                                  Great Victory Run 2014 - Main News

By God Help / Elite Egyptian Runner , Mohram Mouhmed Maked Wonderful Victory

and Egyptian Female Runner / aua adel el sayed ,  make good victory in Female Race .  in Great    Victory Run 2014  ,  For More information About what happend in  Great Victory Run 2014 , Please  see Video called

 Run For Victory on Egypt land  of Victory and Peace , on our youtube page ,  Have    .  nice time by God Help     


The Day of Victory Will be on friday 24 of october2014 - in Shrouk City-that city front of Madinty,from South and after future city by 4km ,    From North side  

The  Distance will be 10 km Run the time for registration will began in 7,45 am   To 9.45 am , the Race  will Stat on 10, 15AM   Their water Point after 5 km from start line and also Water Point in Finish Line . their is prizes For First Five pro         Runners  ( male and  Female  , also The First five amateur  Runners male and  Female will  take  prizes the same as pro runners , that ,s Gifts (Four Cups  for four winers By First places in each catagory , and 20 Gold Medal  For  First five winers in each Catagory also their prize money For first 10th places in all race  , male and Female Race .   


Great Egyptian Run 2014 -main News

 By Name of God / The Egyptian Elite Runner / Mohmed Al Hosieny Take The  gold    InThe Great Egyptian Run 2014 , and Female youth Runner /  Egyptian / Hana

Goda Kaid , win by the Great Egyptian Run 2014 title For women  , and in mens amateur Runners Catagory / the int runner / mamdoh said taha   make The Victory    , in the Great Egyptian Run 2014,  in the End thanks For All Runners

 Now You Can See Great Egyptian Run 2014 - Photo Run , on our youtube page ,also you can see ( Great Egyptian Run2014 video , on our youtube page , in two parts ) , also you can see in the seconed page in our video library , the race name ( Great Egyptian Run 2014 , part 1, , and Great Egyptian  Run 2014 part 2  ,  we hope from God to have nice time  until watching the Race.



By God Help / The Great Egyptian run will be Play on 20 / 6 / 2014 , For 10 k , and information about the race area  will be in shourk city the meeting point for resiveing  numbers will be front of housing developing bank beside

el shrouk  hospital from 7, 45 am to 8 , 45 am  ,  

    the race began by God Help in nine fiften morning    


                                                                    about more information    about  arriveing to shorouk  city , this city after tagmoa (new cairo ) ,  front of madinty from egypt sauis high way , and after future city by 3km from egypt asmailia high way     , the meeting point  in the second avenue  front of  hosing developing  bank / good luck .                                                           **********************




Happy Spring for all runners Around The world

The Great Pharaohs / Hope Happy Spring for all Egyptians , Arab , and runners Around The world , and we Hope From God To publish Peace Around  The World , Thanks For All  


    New Tempo Run video for Egy hero / Moharm hmdala

By God help / now you can watch The First training video for us we make it  with National Egyptian Champion in 10 km , mr / Moharm hmdala , the title ( Tempo Run ) you can see on the video Library in that web site our you can see on  our youtube official Page , the first video from Above , thanks ..


 The Great Egyptian run video  / By God help / now you can watch our main vdeo to victory in our main page from right side for you below , and also you can watch the  - first  -Great Egy run 2013  video which contain three parts on our youtube page , or  , from our video Library  in the web site , happy view , by god well ...


By god help the race done ,  and elnady  take gold from the int runner / ausama alsaud  which take sliver , and pronze for amro gamal amro , in  the  second great victory run  in amateur catagoryt  the race was held in shrouk city .in 14 th of febuaray 2014

                                                      about more information    about  arriveing to shorouk  city , this city after tagmoa (new cairo ) ,  front of madinty from egypt sauis high way , and after future city by 3km from egypt asmailia high way     , the meeting point  in the second avenue  front of  hosing developing  bank / good luck .                                                           



Great Victory For Egyptians Beside Ethiopian Runners